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Presently available for download are PDF, MOBI & ePUB versions of the First Four Steps. For updates and information on the progress of these works checkout https://books.rebelcoding.com.

This book enables you to ...

  • Learn the basics of all things coding
  • Learn how to build websites and web-scrapers
  • Increase community access to civic information

HTML to Python

Rebel Coding gives readers a step-by-step guide to learning how to code, building your first website, and building your first web-scraper.

We cover all of the basics so that you can learn how to code in a practical manner, with immediately applicable uses. 

Then we extend this knowledge to Python and the complete development stack!

I only focus on 

(1) the actionable knowledge you need to know so that you can learn how to ask better questions; and 

(2) providing the space for you to be able to ask those questions.

The Process

First we'll introduce the work before us, and a cover a few super-basics; including a brief history of computing.

Then we'll begin the journey.

Step 1: HTML & CSS

We just go over the basics of HTML & CSS; enough to get you started building your own website!

Step 2: JavaScript

Again, we're just introducing the basics; enough to make your website interactive!

Step 3: Python / Web Scraping

Now we take what we learned in Steps 1 & 2, and apply it to Python, while reinforcing our HTML/CSS knowledge through building scripts to scrape information from websites.

Step 4: The Full-Stack

Here we take a moment to reflect on what the "full-stack" actually is. As well, this week we check-in about individual projects and resume progress.

Step 5: Servers / Django

We introduced Databases in Week 4; now we're going to take the scrapers we've built, and add them to an in-production server!

Step 6: Clients / VueJs

Then we cover how the client-side works, and review a working example that uses VueJS.

Step 7: Resumes & Project Work

This week we focus on the Job Hunt, Networking, and building our best resumes for tech! Not a complete dissertation, though a few solid conversations.

Step 8: Operating Systems & Deployment

Lastly, we survey various operating systems and talk about scaling. 

Then it's up to you to keep on growing!

Of course, we always got your back for questions and support!


"Culture Clap breaks down difficult coding concepts and helps others learn no matter their skill level. He's a kind and patient teacher and storyteller. I feel like he's as much of a student as he is a teacher. Learning from him was an enjoyable experience." ~ Alicia

"Culture Clap is able to quickly pick up and adapt to new concepts, he is also able to break down these concepts and explain them easily for others to comprehend." ~ Ami

"Tired of the way most coding programs teach you? Check out this down to earth guide to coding! Get all you need to rapidly expand your ability to create websites, work on scripts, and run server side programs." ~ Chayton

"Culture Clap has a unique way of explaining the world of coding, giving a high-level overview of where there is to go, instead of just pushing ahead without a map. I highly recommend this approach, as I believe it aids the student in growing towards self-directed study." ~ Matt


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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